Invictus Home Improvement


  • We offer affordable, highly competitive rates & free quotes; ensuring you get a great rate for the highest quality work

  • We discount our home improvement rates when using Dodgson Land Co's real estate or management services


  • Quality guaranteed*

  • Licensed LLC

  • 15 years of building & landscape experience

  • Reliable Monday though Saturday service, ensuring your project is done on time

*Invictus Home Improvement assures top quality in every project we begin.  From the quality of products we use, to the manner in which we use them. Guaranteed. If anyone is doing it cheaper, they are not doing it better.

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Why The name INVICTUS?

The company name is based on a Victorian poem written in 1875, Invictus, by William Henley. The word Invictus, meaning "unconquered," corresponds to the company's strong entrepreneurial spirit.  Henley's words, "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul," spoke to the extreme desire of the owner to develop a new company with his own experienced property management, home improvement & real estate ideals. In 2013 the company was born.  Invest with us. Invest in your property.  Take control & become unconquered with Invictus.