Let us handle all of your property investment needs.  Invictus will do the work for you, so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

{Invictus} is unfailingly courteous, professional, and effective. I will continue to use {their} services for all my real estate endeavors, whether personal or professional (investment properties)! I would highly recommend {Invictus} to all my coworkers, friends, and family! Thank you {Invictus}!
— Jennifer N.
I wanted the best, and that’s how I found {Invictus}...{they} have a strategy of strengthening our tenant criteria, improving our occupancy, and increasing rents. They take a holistic view of all the numbers, helping me lower expenses by reducing energy usage, tenant turnover, and maintenance issues.”
— Lansing Property Owner/Investor

Property Management Services

We offer a unique flat-fee structure for employment of our management services.  Our unique flat-fee structure requires us to do all the work right the first time.  Our incentive to do it right the first time, turns into larger cost savings for our clients.  Less maintenance calls, equals higher returns.  All rates are negotiable and customized just for you.

Our plan is simple & proven: 

  • Complete relevant upgrades
  • Apply preventative maintenance
  • Market & lease to qualified tenants
  • Use the latest software to track your investment
  • Add or remove any of our services to customize your needs

Relieve yourself from the stress of:

  • Leasing & showings
  • Accounting
  • Unit turns & repairs/maintenance
  • Rent collection & delinquencies

Improving your property's worth is our main goal.  Meanwhile, our low management fees & reduced repair costs give you that bottom line you have been waiting for.  

Purchasing an investment

If you are in the market for purchasing an investment property we can help!

  • We use the latest technology to run CMAs (Comparative Market Analysis)
  • We possess knowledge of the local area & the market trends
  • Experienced in negotiation & purchasing investment properties
  • We partner with the best home inspector with over 25 years of inspection experience
  • Communicate with current tenants to ensure a smooth ownership transition

If you are an investor looking for a long or short term investment property---contact us today & begin planning your future now!

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